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The purpose is not just to remember our history but to show that the past also affects our present and future. Good awareness of the past courage or past failures will prepare us for future challenges in a better way. The knowledge of history helps build a barrier to xenophobia, intolerance and extremism ...;

The civic association Memory was established in 2008 by Miroslav Kasáček and Luděk Navara. The impulse for establishing the association was an effort to open up the past and to start a debate over the fate of individuals and whole families facing the pressure of the Communist regime.

The basic activity of the association is the preparation and presentation of projects mapping out the stories of the second half of the 20th century, which have significantly affected the life of the Czech society. The projects are implemented in various forms - exhibitions, TV documentaries, book publications, websites, mobile applications, school discussions, public debates.

The association also organises international conferences dealing with the Communist persecution or history of the Iron Curtain.

Great attention is paid by the association to the young generation, for whom the times of the Communist regime are a question of distant past. At present, young people have paradoxically few opportunities to learn about events that still remain alive in the memory of a number of people. The association concentrates its activities in southern Moravia and the city of Brno.

The Memory association is a member of the European Memory and Conscience Platform.

he Memory association cooperates internationally with the following partners: